Asian Pacific Development Center


The center offers services geared to youth, teens, and adults/seniors. After-school programs for youth include life skills workshops, tutoring, mentoring, and leadership training. Teens are assisted with placement in summer internships in corporate environments. The adults and seniors component reflects the center's initial founding as a mental health clinic, providing "psychological and psychiatric evaluation, medication therapy, individual and family therapy, day treatment, counseling for domestic abuse perpetrators, and alcohol-abuse education and therapy". Employment counseling and job placement are also provided.
The center responds to community needs as they arise. In 1985, staff addressed the problem faced by mail-order brides in the Asian American community. Asian girls and women, primarily from the Philippines, had been photographed in suggestive poses and advertised in American men's magazines. The women, hoping to marry good husbands, were often abused by the men who chose them. The Asian Pacific Development Center sought to ameliorate the problem by opening support groups and counseling services for the maltreated wives, and furnished referrals to women's shelters.
In 2017, the center sought to assist immigrant and refugee artists in Aurora to establish businesses, offering "free mentoring, marketing and portfolio workshops". In 2018, the center opened a small garden adjacent to its facility to service new immigrants who had been used to farming and a more active lifestyle in their native lands and now felt "depressed and isolated".
In 2018, the center was awarded a $980,000 grant in conjunction with the Denver District Attorney's office to provide services to victims of human trafficking.